BlueNote Hardware - GSM/V24

Connect the GSM hardware using V.24

Requirements for connecting the GSM hardware to your IBM i™ using the V.24 cable

  • The system must have an RS-232 C/D serial interface, which is provided by the communications adapter that includes an Enhanced EIA 232/V.24 connection.
  • #9771 adapter card with integrated 56kbps modem (included with every new IBM i™) : The #9771 is a two-line WAN adapter, with one port supporting multiple protocol communications and the other port supporting V.90 56K PPP data via an internal modem.
    Connection to the GSM hardware is via an IBM cable #0348 - V.24/EIA232 20-Ft PCI Cable. (This cable is available in different lengths).

Recommended GSM Terminals are:

  • Cinterion TC65, MC35 and TC35 Terminals
  • Siemens TC65, MC35 and TC35 Terminals
  • Falcom Tango and Twist Terminals

For local availability of Terminals please see the below links:

Please note the specifications of the connection cable.