Download IceBreak CE

Download your FREE IceBreak Community Edition today

In just four simple steps                                   IceBreak

  1. View the 'IceBreak Quick Start' Guide. Download pdf
  2. Press on 'Download' button' to register and save the installation file (.exe) to your desktop.  
  3. Open the file (IceBreakSetup) and follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. The installation of IceBreak finishes by displaying the Administration Menu.
    Download 'Programmers Guide' from the IceBreak Adminstration menu or download as pdf-file. Download pdf

The free edition includes a 30 day trail of the full IceBreak Enterprise edition.

The current edition is controlled by the license key. Order your free IceBreak Community license key via Configuration/License information.

Other license keys will convert the product into IceBreak Enterprise or Server edtion.