InterForm Modules


How to download and install InterExcel

  • Press download to save the zipfile on your PC.
  • Unzip the file and open the manual.
  • See "Chapter 1 How to install InterExcel400".
  • Select installation method and follow the instructions in the manual.

Note: InterExcel intgrates to InterForm, but will also work as a stand alone product.





How to install InterWord

The InterWord module is embedded in InterForm - and is as such installed/upgraded from within InterForm. Sign on as a user profile, that has at least *ALLOBJ and *SECADM authority.

Then do either:

  1. Enter InterForm with the command: APF3812/APFMENU.
  2. Select options: 12. Service functions and 40. Install/upgrade InterWord
  3. Older version select options: 80. Administering InterForm, 12. Service functions and 80. Install/upgrade InterWord

 - or - 

  1. Move the PTF file containing InterWord (placed in the InterWord directory on the InterForm CD-rom) to the folder APF3812
  2. Enter InterForm with the command:  APF3812/APFMENU
  3. Select option 80. Administering InterForm 400 then 12. Service functions then 50. Apply PTF from folder APF3812 and specify the number of the PTF.
  4. Press Enter to load InterWord.