Inspiration Day April 2012


A milestone

Our inspirations day the 24th. and 25th. of April 2012 was a milestone for us at System & Method. We presented a comprehensive product portfolie in the modernization of the traditional character-based ERP solutions. And with 65 participants, we were proud to announce a full house in both Silkeborg and Hørsholm.

One man - an entire ERP system and 10,000 part numbers

We had invited IT Manager Jesper Hemmet Omer from HT BENDIX A/S to talk about his experiences with our products - and about the impact the modernization had on the company and users.

We also announced 2 new products that will expand upgrading opportunities to both Smartphones and Tablet computers - and revolutionize the development of web applications on IBM i (AS/400).




The challenge on IBM i™

In 2011 IT manager Jesper Hemmet Omer at HT BENDIX A/S were facing several challenges.

  • The users wanted a graphical user interface for their ASTRA/400
  • Their employees in China needed a simple and flexible access to selected information in ASTRA/400
  • All 10,000 part numbers needed a thorough review and update

Jesper chose to use our modernization products - and turned all the challenges into a success.

Jesper talked about the user challenges with the traditional character-based ERP system and the limitations they had before regarding usability, integration and openness. He also showed the new interface, developed in IceCap - and told how it was received by the users.

The biggest challenge in the old system was the review and update of the vast quantity of part numbers. The existing product file had grown to an unmanageable size. It was a time consuming process for the users to jump between multiple screens just to update a single part number.

Through the new web interface, developed with IceBreak - users can now select a category, they want to work with. They get a clear view and the possibility to reorganize the columns. All the information is now grouped into manageable tabs with predefined drop-down lists which minimizes the risk of faulty registrations. The system also allows attachment of an image per part number to be used in the upcoming Webshop.

Jesper also showed the new web portal for the employees - located in China - where the price calculations and business logic has been adopted - and still run unchanged on the ERP system.

Jesper ended his presentation by showing how they use IceQuery for handling existing queries – and with this graphical tool lets users generate rapid data extractions from ASTRA/400.


Track    Content
0:00    Introduction
1:55    The company HT Bendix A/S
4:30    The platform and the challenges 
10:55    The solution
12:05    Maintenance of 10,000 part number and product images
25:20    Web portal for Chinese employees 
30:15    Report Portal for customers
33:20    Prospect system for new suppliers
34:30    Deploying a web interface on ASTRA/400
36:05    IceQuery & Mailchimp
42:20    Closing




A new user interface in just one day

Glenn Jarzomkowski from System & Method told how easy it was to implement a web interface for an entire ERP system. Glenn showed how to setup menus and programs in IceCap.

By combining IceCap and IceBreak Glenn also showed how the development of a new web portal – in just one week opened new opportunities for employees in China. Of course with full security controlled by both IBM i™ and ASTRA/400.

Glenn revealed the technology behind the new maintenance part numbers in the ERP system - and showed how a web application can be developed in less than 2 minutes. 


Track    Content
0:00    Introduction
1:05    Convertion of programs and menus
4:45    The development of a web portal for the Chinese employees
10:00    Development of web applications
12:05    Maintenance of 10,000 part number and product images
13:55    Upload of product images
15:00    Closing




Product news

Martin Hecht Olsen completed the inspiration day with the announcement of two new products - and a presentation of new features in the products; IceCap InterForm, Workflow Server, BlueSeries and BlueNote.


With PadForm you can take your business anywhere - on your smartphone or on your tablet computer. You choose what suites the situation and your business best. PadForm is based on HTML5 and can be used successfully on all devices with touch screens.

This means you can skip the various mobile application stores and will be available immediately on all mobile platforms with no additional costs. It does not require a greater technical knowledge – you just focus on content and your business.

IceBreak Domain

Domain model is based on your data - regardless of platform and database. You can link data across data sources - and build web applications based on data from DB2, SQL, Movex API, IceCap - even Query/400.

IceBreak Domain is closely integrated into the new Portfolio menu system and can build dynamic web applications supported by a WYSIWYG editor.

Track    Content
0:00    Introduction
1:00    PadForm
24:15    IceBreak Domain
36:25    IceCap 2.0
40:05    InterForm 2012
42:40    Workflow Server
45:45    BlueSeries incl. web client
47:50    BlueNote
48:20    Closing