InterForm Labels

Zebra & Intermec Labels

It is in InterForm just as simple to set up a label for a thermotransfer printer, as to set up a delivery note for a laser printer.

It is the same InterForm operations that are used to define the packing list that are used to define barcode label.>

InterForm ensures that labels are printed simultaneously - and in the same order as the delivery notes using the same print file as used for the delivery notes. The required number of labels is automatically generated, the number beeing based on the declaration of the number of pieces / packages on the delivery note.

The recipients name and address is formatted and written with the desired font, size and rotation. Symbols for weights and dangerous goods are added accordingly to the specified conditions.;


Features in InterForm Labels



Barcodes & Fonts

Data from the transcript is converted into the desired bar code indicating the location and size. InterForm also opens for the possibility that other data can be printed with the company's preferred TrueType fonts.

Logo & Symbols

The same label can be applied with text in multiple languages without conflicts between special characters in the different languages (character set). This feature is unique and is only supported by InterForm. Company logo and important symbols for weight and dangerous goods can be transferred in the printing process  - or stored in the printer's flash memory.

Label printers directe on IBM i™

InterForm supports an unlimited number of label printers directly connected to  IBM i, also wireless Zebra models


Interform supports RFID coding of labels.


Graphic' Designer

Output data for the label can be reformatted and moved to the desired position on the label.

All functions can be conditioned so that the label design, using graphics, fonts, barcodes, and symbols are dynamically changed after the print data. The layout of the labels are accessed centrally on IBM i ™ and can be accessed from all label printers.


The merge and print functions are performed centrally in the system, ensuring IBM ™ system proven stability and obviates further investment in remote servers for processing transcripts.

No changes in applications

A label can be created and designed based on any standard output from the existing ERP solution as long as necessary data is present. Missing information can be retrieved by InterForm by SQL lookups in the database.



InterForm helps with the task at Bonnier System

Being the Service Partner within the Magazine Group Bonnier Specialmagasiner A/S, Bonner Systems are responsible for operating of one of the largest subscription systems within the Nordic region. InterForm has given Bonnier System A/S a flexible and economical way to produce cover pages for the 60.000 - 70.000 reforwardings per month – and that is only in Denmark.

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