InterForm PDF

Save and e-mail PDF documents directly

The "InterForm PDF & Mail" module allows you to save and e-mail PDF documents directly on IBM i™. Unlike scanned documents stored in graphic TIFF format, the PDF format opens for subsequent text search in the stored documents.

PDF files can be saved on any server in the network. Foldes and files are automatically created and dynamically named by the use of fixed text and spool data. The PDF files are splitted by any order eg. Customer number, or invoice number. The created PDF documents can be sent automatically via e-mail to one or more recipients. It allows traditional paper forms to be distributed as electronic documents - quickly and inexpensively.

The e-mail subject and text’s are saved in templates, in which spool data variables can be inserted. The e-mail function also provides control of selection of e-mail text pr. document type, and selection of language.


Integration with other applicationes

This PDF function can be accessed through InterForm’s document flow system, and integration into existing applications are easily accesses by the use of "User Exits".  The PDF function is also accessible through CL commands.




Taylor made design of PDF documents

Documents and forms can be created using the accompanying graphic designer. It has support for the use of TIFF, JPG and BMP graphics – as well as text elements with individual TrueType fonts.

Attached sub-forms can be created and edited direct from the main form. The designer can structure the creation of forms by e.g. to apply products in a sub-form - and thereby achieving greater design freedom and overview.

With drag and drop function can help reformatting the printed data into the final form. The familiar Windows functions like copying, moving, deleting and selecting multiple elements, are also supported.

All elements used in the form can be flagged conditional, so that the form can change dynamically all depending on the contents of the transcript.

The forms design used in the PDF documents can of course also be used for printing on paper.




Embed any file into your PDF document

The "Embedded PDF" module enables you to embed any file format into a PDF file.

The module is an extension of the PDF functionality already in InterForm. Once the module is set up you can explore the benefits of electronic documents.


  • Native AS400
  • State of the art functionality (never seen before on the AS400)
  • Automatically embeds any file format
  • Activated via license code
  • Removes timewasters and human errors





At large scale at Tribunal Regional do Trabalho

BrazilianTribunal Regional do Trabalho wanted to change the looks and quality of their more than 100 forms. InterForm fulfilled all the requirements. InterForm was introduced to the employees at TRT without major changes in the existing work routines.

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The full paper flow at Volvo

The Swedish car producer Volvo is known by most people, but only a few knows that it is InterForm that takes care of the daily handling and formatting of the company’s laser printed forms all coming from their IBM i™. Today every document used when importing and selling a Volvo or Renault in Denmark is printed via InterForm.

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InterForm at DHL Freight on 13th year

For 13 years DHL Freight Denmark has been using InterForm400 and recently started utilizing the product to its fullest potential. More than a decade ago DHL was looking for a solution to replace their old box printing product which was, in many ways, unsatisfactory. The setup with preloaded forms was not working for them.

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