InterForm Digital Signature

Digital Signature & Security

InterForm meets the high security demands in Danish and European law relating to the transmission of electronic documents - such as electronic invoices.

This additional module allows 128bit encryption, password protection and digital signature in PDF documents with an official OCES certificate. These security measures are a necessity when transcripts are converted to PDF documents and distributed via the Internet.  

Digital signatures verify the sender

The digital signature can identify an organization, a company or a person. The different signatures can be saved and used in InterForm.

The signatures can then be applied dynamically in PDF documents according to fixed rules. Example, a rule based on the print type will select a company signature for electronic invoices - and personal signature is selected for the purchase order.
The digital signature is supported in all corners of InterForm. 




Encryption is the best safeguard against fraud

PDF documents are encrypted with a 128bit encryption key to ensure against data manipulation. The encryption key is an integral part of OS/400 and is supplied as a standard feature from IBM.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is per default prepared to receive encrypted documents and will automatically display the content. The InterForm setup can determine whether the recipient may copy, modify and print the document upon receipt.

Password secures your sensitive data

PDF documents can be protected with a password - and it will in combination with encryption ensure that documents can only be read by recipients with a correct password.
Passwords can be created individually by the recipient. The sender can create a master password for his internal use.

Publishing of business documents

This is the perfect solution for publishing sensitive business documents such as price lists and statistics.

The price list is formed with encryption and individual password against misuse. The document can further be restricted to: not to be edited, printed nor copied from.


Complete solution with WebFragt at Danske Fragtmænd

Based on increased competition and a demand for efficiency improvement Danske Fragtmænd was looking for a solution, which could give them a competitive advantage and at the same time simplify their business processes. The solution became WebFragt®, a webfreight-concept. 

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