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Hi Niels,

I have installed client services and it works fine - http://localhost:60001/getuserasscript. But I am wondering a bit about the fact that the only way to get user ID back is as a JavaScript function. Can’t you get it as a small XML document?

But when I implement it in an ASP program, it fails. I’m pretty sure that it is some kind of a cross domain problem. It looks like this in IE (see screenshot) and FF makes the same problem.

You can find the ASP program, I’m taking about, here:

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Jeppe Bundgaard 

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Re: Auto logon with windows user

Hi Jeppe;

What you are wondering about is actually the answer to your question. It is precisely because of cross domain that it is implemented as a function. That is why you do not ajaxe it in but use a script tag instead.


   <script src="http://localhost:60001/getuserasscript" type

Then you have a function you can call ... also cross domain.

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Niels Liisberg