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Share IBM i™ folders, documents and files on any platform - including mobile devices and tablets! The tight integration with the built-in workflow introduces many new opportunities.  Read more

In one click existing queries are visualized in colorful charts, presented in HTML, XML and PDF – or being opened as a spreadsheet. Give remote access with a login or through direct link to the query.  Read more

IceBreak is easy to learn because you can reuse existing legacy business logic and programming skills. The built-in wizards, templates and conversion tools facilitate the development.  Read more

The modernization of the character based "green screen" 5250 environment requires IceCap. It’s an efficient tool and very easy to use.
Work smarter – not harder!  Read more

InterForm will ensure full control of all output queues and activate multiple workflows depending on the document content - without any kind of reprogramming.  Read more

BlueSeries can automatically identify the preferable distribution method and in the same process reformat to a variety of different formats – like xml, oioxml, oioubl, pdf, tif, txt.  Read more

BlueNote Monitor keeps an eye on all the operations on your IBM™. A duty roster ensures that the various incidents are forwarded as SMS to just the right person - who can reply from a mobile phone.  Read more

ZipSeries is the best way to distribute IBM i™ objects. It is free, fast and easy to use. Distribute IBM i™ objects via email, CD, USB-stick or downloads - and retain the full object security.  Read more

Your IBM i™ can support the newest web technologies. See how PadForm can be used on Smartphones, iPad’s and other tablet computers.
Read more

IT manager Jesper Hemmet Omer at HT BENDIX A/S were facing several challenges. A graphical user interface, a flexible user access from China and a thorough update of all 10,000 part numbers.   Read the story

Application Store

Web applications that improves your daily workflow on IBM i™

Application Store

Web applications that improves your daily workflow on IBM i™


The only native Web and Application server for RPG and COBOL on IBM i™


Creates a genuine web interface to any 5250 application in minutes


Total freedom in designing, handling and distributing print and e-mails


Distribute and manage all your business communication on IBM i™


BlueNote is an interactive monitor and SMS text messaging system for IBM™


Distribute IBM i™ objects via e-mail or USB-stick with full object security


A business solution at your fingertips on IBM i™


Creates a genuine web interface to any 5250 application in minutes


This is what we do...

We develop and implement software solutions for the IBM i™ platform.

Our solutions are ‘cross industry’ and range from:

  • Web Server technologies and Web development tools
  • Web applications for improved business efficiency
  • Business Communication using email, ftp, fax, SMS and XML
  • Forms solutions with workflow, laser print, label print and PDF documents
  • Solutions for iPads Tablets and other types of mobile devices

Our consultants are all specialists within modernization - and can provide custom made solutions giving new life to existing AS/400 and iSeries applications.